Hindsight is a collection of cinematic compositions scored for piano, strings, saxophones, clarinets, flute, percussion, and synthesizers. The fusion of classical, minimalist, and jazz elements gives rise to some tense moods and dense atmospheres.

"The overall effect is like that of a book of poems. When you close the book, you know you have allowed an emotional and spiritual process to happen inside you, but you can't quite sum it up. It all seemed so simple, yet you open the book and start again..."
- Tom McGrath

All titles composed by Nicky Hind.


- Steve Kettley: tenor[1] and soprano[3] saxophones, and flute[2].
- Dick Lee: clarinet[4], bass clarinet[5,6], and e-flat clarinet[5].
- Henry Shaftoe: vibraphone[2] and percussion.
- Nicky Hind: piano, synthesizers.
- Anna Hemery, John McCrae, Robin Mason,
- Larry Sanderson, Brian Shiels, Wendy Wetherby: strings.
- Tom McGrath: piano improv[3].

1.  The River Speaks 5:51
    Inspired by the novel Siddharta, by Herman Hesse.

2.  First Light     5:25
    The daily dance of dawn.

3.  A Far Cry     7:22

 4.  Reverie     5:15
   Hommage à Eric Satie.

5.  Dead of Night     4:02

6.  Cosy             7:25

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