Seven Visions is a collection of dreamy, hypnotic electroacoustic and electronic minimalism. The album features compositions for solo instruments plus electronics, and for electronics only.

The title, Seven Visions, both acknowledges a frequent comment about my music and suggests something about my compositional process.  People have often stated that my music produces images in their minds.  I can only speculate that the images and associated emotions that played on my mind, then became transmuted into musical ideas and developed into compositions, are what these listeners are referring to.

All titles composed by Nicky Hind.


- Stefan Grasse
- Cem Duruoz
- Ricardo Gallardo
- Nicky Hind

1.  Ripples 6:08
    for guitar with live electronics

2.  Slumber     4:23
    for synthesizers and sampler

3.  Quest     4:00
    for synthesizers and sampler    

4.  Rain                6:12
    for synthesizer

5.  Reshuffles         4:20
    for congas, bongos, and sampler

6.  Cosmos (part 1) 6:58
    for synthesizers    

7.  Crossings 9:18
    for guitar with live electronics    

            total          42:00:62

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