Terms & Conditions

Sales are final.

Products sold by weight may need to be settled at pick-up time.  Fish, for example, are usually sold as whole fish by weight and it may not be possible to provide exactly the ordered amount.  Please bring cash to your pick-up to settle any difference.

We process transactions via PayPal, and can take transactions funded from:

  • PayPal account balances
  • credit cards (America Express, Diners Club, Discover, Mastercard, Visa)

All taxes are the responsibility of the seller.  While many products availbale on SoCo Local are not taxed (by virtue of being unprepared foodstuffs, for example), some are; all prices are listed after any applicable taxes are applied.

SoCo Local currently retains a 15% commision on sales made through the marketplace, to cover hosting and transaction-processing costs.